Save energy and money with spray-foam insulation!

Spray-foam insulation serves as a moisture barrier, creating an airtight building that reduces energy consumption while improving air quality.

About our insulation process

AirTight Alabama was a Tuscaloosa, Alabama-based spray-foam installation company. The owner, Daniel Crawford, has over thirty (30+) years of HVAC indoor air quality and climate control experience. What was previously the sister company of P&C has now become a part of our all-around package and insulation process. We are proud to announce that AirTight Alabama is now a member of the P&C family.

Designing, building, or retrofitting an AirTight home is a professional approach to identifying traditional building envelope problems and correcting them through the use of spray-foam insulation. Conventional insulation products do not address many of the building envelope concerns that exist today, such as:

  • Air infiltration
  • Vapor drive
  • Non-conventional framing
  • Non-ventilated attics/crawl spaces

Our products can help lower heating and cooling costs up to 50% and sometimes even more. We can also guarantee your HVAC energy costs on your new construction home or commercial building. If you’re interested in this type of guaranteed saving, please contact us today for a FREE consultation and estimate for your insulation needs.


Spray polyurethane foam insulation

Sealing and insulating the shell of your home – its outer walls, ceiling, windows, doors, and floors – is often the most cost-effective way to improve energy efficiency and comfort. We can spray foam in existing homes in the attic ONLY unless the sheetrock has been torn down in the walls.

Energy Audit

It is always recommended to begin by performing a home energy audit when considering making home efficiency upgrades. An energy audit will help pinpoint areas of your home that need to be upgraded to allow for better home energy performance.

During the audit, we will perform an on-site interview and inspection. Homeowners are encouraged to make a list of existing problems, such as uncomfortable areas, condensation issues, or any other areas of concern. It is also recommended to provide copies of your home’s yearly utility bills. Auditors use this information to establish what to look for during the home evaluation process.

Once the home inspection and energy audit are complete, we will make recommendations for building envelope improvements that will create a more comfortable and efficient home.

Spray-foam Installation

Creating an airtight building through the installation of spray-foam insulation, caulking, and weather stripping is the fastest way to reduce energy consumption, improve indoor air quality and maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Fiberglass Insulation

Using wool in the same fashion as spray-foam, we apply R13 Sound Batt insulation in specified areas in order to solidify the foundation of new construction projects or to seal the attic of your family home.

Our spray polyurethane foam

Closed-cell Foam

High Insulation Value

  • High R-Value allows more insulation into less space
  • Cost savings in stud size reduction
  • Performs in hot as well as cold temperatures


  • Will not settle or shrink
  • Adds structural strength

Moisture Resistant

  • Inhibits moisture-driven elements due to its closed cell structure
  • Helps to protect against mold and mildew

Open-cell Foam

Minimizes Air Infiltration/Exfiltration

  • Keeps conditioned air where it should be–inside the building
  • Helps eliminate drafts and provides for comfortable interiors

Spray Applied

  • Seals cracks and crevices
  • Insulates hard to reach areas
  • Quick and easy installation by a licensed applicator
  • Self-adhered seamless layer of insulation
  • Conforms to any architectural design


  • A high degree of strength-to-weight ratio
  • Adds little weight to ceiling or roof areas

Excellent Adhesion

  • Adheres to most building materials
  • No fasteners required


  • Meets Class 1 building requirements
  • No off-gassing after fully cured