5 Air Conditioner Tips for Efficiency

  1. Keep your AC unit out of the sun!
    • If your unit has not been installed just yet make sure that you request that is installed on the northside of your home to avoid receiving a a lot of sun.
  2. Keep your curtains closed in the afternoon.
    • Keeping your curtains closed in the afternoon will assist in keeping your home cooler during the day.
  3. Do not constantly change your thermostat settings.
    • Changing your thermostat settings regularly is extremely inefficient and might cost you more money in the end. Figure out a temperature that is comfortable for when you are in the home and when you leave your home for work or overnight you can increase it by a couple degrees.
  4. Don't use appliances that use heat during the peak hours of the day.
    • Try avoiding using appliances that use heat such as the dishwasher, dryer, or the stove during the day when the air conditioning is running. This will increase efficiency.
  5. Get regular HVAC maintenance by a professional!
    • Regular HVAC maintenance is one of the biggest money savers when it comes to HVAC. By having regular checks throughout the year, you can fix the little things before they become a bigger issue which would cost you more!

7 Signs You Need to Fix or Replace Your AC

If you ever feel as though your air conditioning isn't working correctly always call a professional! By calling a professional it helps you take care of the little issues before they become a bigger problem. Check out the signs that you may need to get your AC unit checked out.

Your AC system is blowing out hot hair

There is moisture near that system

There are strange noises coming from the unit

You smell a strong unusual smell

High electrical bills

High levels of humidity throughout the home

Having issues with the thermostat