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Have you been thinking of switching to an HVAC system with higher efficiency? The use of a CARRIER Infinity Series heat pump system can save you up to $750 a year. That’s what we like to call efficiency! If that doesn’t persuade you, check out these numbers from one of P&C Heating and Air’s valued customers. This specific Carrier HVAC System was installed in December 2013 and is paired with our insulation process, which helps lower heating and cooling costs up to at least 50 percent. What a combo!


  • May: $220.72
  • June: $213.97
  • August: $239.33
  • September: $161.08

The best part is that these power bills are for a house of approximately 4,500 sq. ft. That’s a large amount of space with a very low power bill! We want to see all of our customers have this kind of success. Call P&C Heating and Air today to get started.

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