Save energy and money with spray-foam insulation!

Spray-foam insulation serves as a moisture barrier, creating an air tight building that reduces energy consumption while improving air quality.

About Our Insulation Process

AirTight Alabama was a Tuscaloosa, Alabama-based spray-foam installation company. The owner, Daniel Crawford, has over 17 years of HVAC indoor air quality and climate control experience. What was previously the sister company of P&C has now become a part of our all-around package and insulation process. We are proud to announce that AirTight Alabama is now a member of the P&C family.

Designing, building or retrofitting an AirTight home is a professional approach to identifying traditional building envelope problems and correcting them through the use of spray-foam insulation. Conventional insulation products do not address many of the building envelope concerns that exist today, such as:

  • Air infiltration
  • Vapor drive
  • Non-conventional framing
  • Non-ventilated attics/crawl spaces

Our products can help lower heating and cooling costs up to 50% and sometimes even more. We can also guarantee your HVAC energy costs on your new construction home or commercial building. If you're interested in this type of guaranteed saving please contact us today for a FREE consultation and estimate for your insulation needs.

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